Somerset at Home

Quality restaurant food hot and ready to eat, or refrigerated and vacuum packed for reheating at home.

We are now able to welcome you back to Somerset thank goodness, and  are also able to continue to offer restaurant quality food that you can eat at home.

We have two slightly different options for  the at home dining, either:

1. Food that has been precooked, vacumn packed and refrigerated or frozen, requiring a simple reheat in your home kitchen – something we’ve been doing for years and which a lot of you are already familiar with, or

2. A daily fixed price dinner option, which will be hot from our restaurant kitchen, and ready to be eaten, for $40 pp, and available Wednesday to Saturday evenings.

With either option we will be taking orders either over the phone or by filling in the form below.


How to Order

  • Orders by phone – 07 576 6889 – or by filling in the form below.
  • Place your order by midday on the day required.
  • The takeaways options will be available Wednesday to Saturday from now on.
  • At this stage we are only offering 1 menu option for the hot dinner, and that menu will be changed weekly
  • Please order before travelling to the restaurant, so we can guarantee we have enough.

Pickup Info

  • if you’re happy to come into the restaurant to pick up then do so at the time you’ve requested and I will have your account ready for payment.
  • If you’d prefer the food to be delivered to your car, then ring the restaurant on 57 66889 if no one has spotted you, and we will bring it out to you.

Daily Menu – $40 pp

We are going to continue to offer a fixed price 2 course dinner, Wednesday to Saturday evenings, from a constantly changing menu for you to eat at home in the comfort of your bubble. These dishes will be hot, ready to be eaten and enjoyed straight away.


This Week, Wed 21st – Sat 24th July

House made bread with our own butter

Roast Duck with kumara and vanilla mash, orange sauce

Creme Caramel 

Somerset at Home

Refrigerated or frozen, food cooked in our kitchen to restaurant standards, all vacumn packed and chilled, ready for a simple reheat at home

Place an Order

Please fill in the form below,  before midday on the day you require the food to organise pickup. You can also order further in advance than that.
Alternatively, you can call us on (07) 576 6889.

Our Hours

Lunch: Fri, from 12pm
Dinner: Tues to Sat, from 5.30pm

Contact Us

(+64) 07 576 6889
30 Bethlehem Road, Tauranga