Cook Schools

The Cook Schools have been running for over 25 years now and are a regular part of our year – one that we approach with much enjoyment!

They are small, intimate and require nothing from participants beyond an enthusiasm for good food.

All classes start at 10am, although people usually arrive a little earlier for a cup of coffee or tea.  

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Sauces 2024



Sauces can alleviate and add interest to any dish. This Series covers a range of ideas from savoury to sweet, European to Asian. Rick is a sauce expert, and he pulls ideas from a really wide repertoire.

Cost per person: $120

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What Happens?

The classes are held in the morning, in the restaurant kitchen – guests sit and watch while Rick prepares the dishes and I stand to one side and contribute verbally (and stir the occasional pot!).

After all the  food has been created – usually 2 hours or thereabouts – we head out to the restaurant to a lunch table where we get to eat and drink and chat. The conviviality and exchange of ideas never ceases to astound us, even after all this time.

Our Philosophy

Everybody needs to eat to survive. Simple fact. And the daily decisions we make around what we choose to eat will have a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. Simple fact.

We believe in preparing carefully sourced and seasonal food from scratch. It’s what we do in our own home – and what we share in the classes.

But most important of all to us, is the idea that the food we choose  tastes delicious, and brings pleasure, and encourages people to relax and to genuinely enjoy themselves.

When is it On?

The classes for the current series are always posted on the website. Each class within a series is a repeat of the same subject matter, so the idea is, that you choose the date that works for you, and book via the website. And if you’d like advance notification of when the dates are going to be listed, sign up for the newsletter, or follow our Facebook or Instagram page, and you’ll be alerted.

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