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We have 2 sides to our menu, available at any time, lunch or dinner, and customers get to choose from either or both.

The 2 sides are required because there are some dishes we are simply not allowed to remove, because they have become so strongly associated with us. They are familiar, comfortable and good!

And then we have the ever evolving weekly menu, which is where we get to play with seasonal ingredients, and introduce new suppliers we may have discovered. It is where we get to experiment and to continue our growth.

And in addition we have a separate Vegan Menu – available at all times.

We are also well used to dealing with the various dietary issues now only too prevalent, so if you have any concerns about what you can eat, please don’t hesitate to communicate with us, and we will provide.

Classic Dishes

Available at any time, lunch or dinner

Weekly Menu

Ever-evolving weekly menu with seasonal ingredients

Vegan Menu

Available at all times


The range of drinks now available has exploded over the years, and keeping our wine list at a manageable size is a constant exercise in restraint. Too much temptation out there!

We choose to stay loyal to the small family owned vineyards that we’ve dealt with for decades. As a NZ owned restaurant we have always felt we should focus  primarily on NZ wines – but trips to Europe have widened our knowledge, and some of that is now reflected on the list.

A significant number of those wines are available by the glass, thanks to the Coravin wine system, because an increasing number of our customers prefer to drink that way.

And in addition to the wine list, our drinks programme has increasingly sought to include a range of non-alcoholic drinks, either made in-house or via boutique producers, along with an ever changing list of NZ craft beers.


Wide selection of wine – available by the glass also.

Craft Beer

Ever changing list of New Zealand’s finest craft beers.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Made in-house or from boutique producers.

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